Consultant, software architect and developer, freelance UI/UX designer, computer engineer, tech enthusiast, father.

Developers are obsessed with speed. Speed of delivery. Speed of integration. Faster innovation. Value to customers quicker.

During the last few years, I’ve been setting up and configuring dozens of different pipelines for various projects and services, while working as a developer, tech lead and\or architect on those projects. While…

So what exactly happened?

I started as a developer (later architect) at a medium sized enterprise which had it’s own flagship product. The job mainly focused on developing this product. The domain we worked on was pretty big (finance).

Now, the product had history. Years worth. And like with any software that has a…

Recently I’ve been working on multiple microservices. Some of these have been small Lambda functions, triggered either by SQS or SNS, and their job is to process the event, then dispatch it forward.

For a long time something always bothered me with Lambdas. I believe it was the fact that…

I ended up building an internal documentation website using Contentful, Next.js and Vercel in three days

Last week I took it upon myself to try and find out a suitable online documentation tool for our small team of three developers. Our code base had split into four repositories already and I wanted to make everyone’s work a little bit easier. …

I’ve been building Wordpress websites on and off for nearly a decade. It’s quick and easy for a small site, but I would never recommend it to be used for bigger solutions.

At some point, developing those PHP templates gets really boring. …

Login screen I built using TailwindCSS in 30 minutes

As of late I’ve been working with Material UI for a React project. I find such frameworks incredibly helpful when developing an application. I don’t have to write every front-end component myself, nor do I have to write much CSS. …

In the first part of this tutorial we covered how you can setup GraphQL with PHP using Slim Framework. This part covers how to set up DataLoaderPHP for your field resolvers for query batching.

The repository for this demo can be found on Github.


DataLoader-PHP repository seems abandoned, having it’s…

There are a lot of articles and tutorials about GraphQL. But they are mostly for JavaScript or other languages. There aren’t a lot of tutorials covering GraphQL and PHP. So here’s one.

This tutorial contains two parts.

  • Part 1 covers the installation and setting up of GraphQL using PHP.
  • Part 2 covers using a Promise based tool to defer field resolving to a later stage to use as a solution against the n+1 problem.

Considering you’ve made it so far as to…


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