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Consultant, software architect and developer, freelance UI/UX designer, computer engineer, tech enthusiast, father.

Setting up a CI\CD pipeline for a static export of a Node.js app, to a web hosting service.

Sharing a view into a software architect’s work and how I failed to convince people that change is good, which led me to leave the company.

So what exactly happened?

Here’s how I implemented Slack’s cursor based pagination specs with DynamoDB, but also included traveling backwards.

  • A user can request data for a single entity and in this case we used a specific request identifier as the partition key, and request timestamp as a sort key. …

Providing you with a summary on how mocking in Node.js works and an actual production example on how to unit test a Lambda function.

How to use the fail-fast philosophy to find the right tools and setup to build a small, completely free and fast internal documentation website for your team.

I ended up building an internal documentation website using Contentful, Next.js and Vercel in three days
  • The tool had to be SaaS-service or serverless (no on-premise installations)
  • It had to be either free or minimal cost
  • It had to allow the creation of static pages, perhaps upload images and contain a search
  • It needed to…

I grew bored of PHP templates, so I decided to have a go with building a website using a headless Wordpress and a React front-end framework. I will outline my experiences with Frontity, a React framework designed for Wordpress, and share a few tips.


Tailwind UI is out with early access, but the component library only contains code snippets built on top of Tailwind CSS. Any experienced designer / developer can make it work without paying.

Login screen I built using TailwindCSS in 30 minutes

The second part of this tutorial is shorter and focuses on deferring field resolving to a later stage so we can solve the n+1 problem


Let’s get started

composer require overblog/dataloader-php

How to set up GraphQL using PHP with Slim Framework in less than 20 minutes

There are a lot of articles and tutorials about GraphQL. But they are mostly for JavaScript or other languages. There aren’t a lot of tutorials covering GraphQL and PHP. So here’s one.

  • Part 1 covers the installation and setting up of GraphQL using PHP.
  • Part 2 covers using a Promise based tool to defer field resolving to a later stage to use as a solution against the n+1 problem.

Sharing the idea of refreshing authentication tokens while speeding up expiration of old ones; using a whitelist inside Redis.

LocalStorage vs. Cookies


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